Monday, March 30, 2009

They Know What We Want

Hey, by now this is kind of old news, but Michelle Obama is starting a vegetable garden at the white house.

I'm not a particularly informed or political person and part of the reason for that is I feel like a lot about politics is just a big show to keep disinterested parties like myself complacent enough to not take any kind of action. And what was scary about the Bush administration (aside of course for EVERYTHING) is that they didn't even bother putting on a show for people like me, who care about food or the environment or social programs or anything good in the world. Is Obama a savior? Is he really that different from what we had in the past? Is it possible for a powerful political leader to be that different?

Well, this is obviously not the forum to answer any of my bullshit questions...but hey, good show, Michelle. Thank you for patronizing me! I feel good about it.


MZ' D"Construction said...

Well it's a serious garden in terms of size and community involvement. So let's give them the benefit and a chance.
Besides how can one be against vegetables?

Mike Lindgren said...

We need forums to answer LG's questions. The WHOLE INTERNET SHOULD EXIST SOLELY TO ANSWER LG'S QUESTIONS. :)

Summer, In Theory said...

I agree with you Aimee. The more I learn about the degree to which politicians are actually puppets, the more depressed I get.

But, one way to look at these little gestures (performances?) is to see how much they might reflect a general sentiment - or shape one, maybe community gardens will be really hot now!

Mike Lindgren said...

I like celery. Kind of.

The Lonely Goatherd said...

I'm glad you felt comfortable sharing that, Mike. I want this to be a safe environment for our feelings.