Friday, March 6, 2009

Bird Watching

This is partly an effort to meet my personal four blog posts a month quota and partly because what I am about to relate blew my mind grapes and I need to share it with my two readers.

Today I was walking in Greenwood Cemetery and saw a giant bird of prey pecking the flesh from the leg of a squirrel in a tree branch just a few feet above my eye level. I watched in terrified fascination for awhile, hoping it had gotten that squirrel bastard who kept eating through the stems of my sunflowers last summer when it looked up and stared me down. It was like in The Last Unicorn when the unicorn is trying to get away from the harpy...well, I'm a nerd. But I turned and walked away slowly so as not to attract its attention in much the same manner.


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Mike Lindgren said...

The bird of prey was like, "You want some of this? YOU LOOKIN' AT ME?"