Friday, November 21, 2008

So Many Beautiful Men, So Little Time...

So this has nothing to do with food, farming or even my life actually but every single media outlet I enjoy (and they are not all websites built around fart jokes, I swear) is going nuts over Twilight the existence of which I was not aware of until about a month ago. Whoa out of touch with nerdy fantasy porn, what?? I have to say it's piqued my curiosity. I'm a little jealous that I'm no longer a tweenager with a pretty boy to swoon over, Mr. Pattinson...then I remember I've already experienced the as good as it gets vampire fantasy.

I want to share with everyone, because we all deserve to see it once more before time completely ravishes the memory, the beauty and awesomeness of James Marsters as Punk era Spike:

That is what I am talking about. Again:

Nice. And how bout that Hugh Laurie, huh?

Ah, men on TV. Without them what would emotionally stunted women do?

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